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Specialist Clinical Consultation

Right in the comfort of your home, office or school, our team of specialist doctors and other health professionals will come to you deliever their expert services to you or your loved ones in our bid to ensure your optimal wellbeing.

You can be clinically assessed, bedside testing done and applicable treatment prescribed or administered on the spot. This is healthcare democratized.

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Comprehensive Reproductive Health Services

From family planning counselling to uptake of modern contraceptive products to preconception counselling to screening for common reproductive diseases and cancers, we have got you covered. You can have all these services and more delivered to you wherever you live, work or school.

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Focussed Marternity Care

Life could become very busy and you may not be able to attend routine ANC clinic in hospital during the week. We have packaged focussed antenatal care services our team of physicians and midwives just for you in the comfort of your home so that you and the "bundle of Joy" inside of you can have unrestricted access to the best of available medicare.

Dear husband, this maybe one of the best gift you can offer to your pregant wife.

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Laboratory Testing & Diagnostic Services

Stop guessing what is wrong with you when our experts can come to you, examine you fully, do bedside testing and take samples for other investigation while you stay in the comfort of your home.

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Pharmaceuticals & Allied Health Products

Do you need medication or any other health-related product or devices? We can deliever it to you. PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!!!

Medical Tourism

Needing medical care abroad in the US, UK, India or elsewhere? Look no further, we have got you covered. Click this link to contact us now!!


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Truly, this is healthcare democratized. God bless this initiative.

Mrs. David

Mrs. David

Thank you HomeMedicare for answering the yearning of million of Nigerians by removing a major hindrance to the use of essential medical services in Nigeria. May this business blossom.



I only wish services like this were available in Nigeria when i was making my babies. I love what HomeMedicare is doing. Keep it up!!

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